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Current litter

At this time we don't have any litters planned.

More about this decision here.

Our puppies and us

Our dogs are considered members of our family and we treat them in that way as well. We would expect our future puppy owners to treat their new family members in a similar manner and give them the love and training they need and deserve.

We will help our future puppy owners on every step of the way if they so require, not only in the beginning of their new puppy's life but throughout their adult life as well. We put everything we have into our puppies, closely monitor their development and do everything to ensure they are healthy, behavioraly sound, well socialised and ready to go into the world. We use many resources on this journey to sound and well rounded puppies, including a programme called Puppy Culture, which nicely explained when, how and what to show and introduce to the puppies so that they gain the right experiences.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about our dog, puppies or our breeding programme.

At this time we are not creating a waiting list of people interested in our puppies.

Our puppies and us
Past litters

Nataša van Wyk

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