Puppies were born on 3.10., we have 6 girls and 1 boy


Leaflet by Margrueta van Wyk. Thank you.

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Would you like a puppy from us?

Our dogs are considered members of our family and we treat them in that way as well. We would expect our future puppy owners to treat their new family members in a similar manner and give them the love and training they need and deserve.

We will help our future puppy owners on every step of the way if they so require, not only in the beginning of their new puppy's life but throughout their adult life as well. We would therefore like to ask you, as a potential new puppy owner of one of our future puppies, to write a little bit about yourself when contacting us to give us an idea about you. If you don't know what to write, just look at the questions below to get an idea what we would like to know about you.

About you

Name and surname

Contact info (email or phone)

In short, tell me about you and your family.


Interest in Newfoundlands

What interested you in the Newfoundland dog breed?

Have you spent time with a Newfoundland? When? Where? How long?

Have you done research into the Newfoundland dog breed? If not, would you like suggestions where to look for information?


Your lifestyle and history with live animals

Have you owned a dog before (or have one now)? What breed, gender, temperament (if still have now, age)?

Where do you live? Briefly describe your home and surrounding area.

How much time a day are you willing to spend with your new puppy (either training or just spending time together)?

Who would take care of the puppy when you are not at home for longer than 4 hours?

Are you willing to learn new methods of training a dog if the method you are currently using would not work? Alternatively, will you be willing to seek professional help if you struggle with some aspects of dog training?

Do you have steps or stairs the puppy would have access to?

Would you be willing to call us (the breeders) regarding any issues/concerns/questions you would have with your and about puppy, big or small?


Your expectations from the puppy

Would you prefer a male or a female?

What temperament of the puppy do you believe would be the best fit for your home and household?

What are your expectations of the puppy both in puppyhood and adulthood?


Nataša van Wyk

+420 737 003 052


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