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7. 12. 2021

Age (in days):


Life with the puppies goes on and even though we were driving the puppies a lot to the vet's, we took each puppy individually with momma Spookie for a short drive around so that they learn they can be calm in the car. They all managed it beautifully and are on a good path to being calm while travelling by car.

22. 11. 2021

Age (in days):


Unfortunately Purple didn't get better during the day so we took her to the emergency vet where they kept her over night. Then in the morning they called us that we need to talk. Even without exact words that was enough to tell us that we will have to say goodbye, that there is nothing more we can do for Purple. Her only kidney completely failed during the night and at the emergency vet they were only keeping her alive so that we can go say goodbye. I don't have the means of proving it, but I'm afraid the vet clinic which did the surgery didn't give each other information properly, and instead of a 10 day antibiotic treatment after surgery she was supposed to receive 3 week antibiotic treatment, because she is a puppy with one kidney. However I got this information 2 days after we had to put Purple down.

21. 11. 2021

Age (in days):


We went to get the stitches after Purple's surgery taken out the next day after the puppy party. Unfortunately it wasn't very comfortable for her and she was very lethargic the whole day, but we are hoping it would only get better.

20. 11. 2021

Age (in days):


We organised the puppies a little Puppy Party. We had lunch and talked about the puppies, the puppie's future lives and anything else. Also the future owners got to know which puppy is going to be theirs based on their prefered activities in the future and their idea of the character that would fit their family the best. After lunch we had a learning session, where I showed on Spookie the basics of grooming, especially which parts are most important to groom regularly, what to cut to keep the newf clean, and also what is necessary for a show groom and cut. Lastly the new puppy owners took their puppy and trained with them a little. The purpouse wasn't to teach the puppies something (thought they have taken a lot from the whole day), it was more about the future puppy owners to see how their puppy reacts, to try training their pup while we could supervise them and help for example with correct timing of rewards, and to observe their puppy. We had 3 stations for this training session, one had orthopaedic mats with different shapes which the puppies walked over, second had wobbly boards, and the last was a station with combs and scissors and puppies were rewarded for calm or no reactions to being combed and to hearing the scissors (not being cut). The goal of all the stations was to show the puppies different things they can encounter in their lives, and that it is enough to just be calm and think a little to overcome the obstacle or get a reward. I believe everyone enjoyed the party, the puppies were definitely tired and satisfied after the whole day.

19. 11. 2021

Age (in days):


Although it seems like we were just going around vet offices, we managed to get at least a minute each day with each puppy individually. This week we focused on box game, where we showed the puppies that it is great if they offer behaviours, we reviewed communication through clicker and trears, and started working on so called "manding", where we show the puppy that they can communicate calmly when they sit down instead of jumpin on us and barking. Lastly we did some bare basics of freezing when standing which we will build on to work on a show free stack. The puppies are also eating soaked dry dog food and are trying different fruits and extras for extra flavour.

17. 11. 2021

Age (in days):


Purple has been to three vet checks since her surgery and so far everything looks good. It is a little bit too soon to say that it will be 100%, but it doesn't look bad. The vets believe that she won't need too many dietary and activity restrictions. The only thing that will be necessary are regular vet checks with ultrasound to monitor the state of her kidney.

12. 11. 2021

Age (in days):


In the end the surgery was last on the vet's schedule, so they kept Purple during the night and till the next morning. The surgery was a success and apparently Purple was whining during the whole night. At home she drank water and ate some porrige normally. She is not very happy that she has to be appart from the rest of the litter, but we manage to keep her entertained so that she stays in the kennel and then falls asleep. Because she is acting normally just a day after the surgery, we believe that she is on a good road to recovery.

11. 11. 2021

Age (in days):


We had some luck and we managed to arrange for Purple to have her surgerz 3 days after the CT scan! We dropped her off at the vet's at 11 in the morning and then waited. Unfortunately she was a "substitute" so they didn't know if they are going to operate on her during the day or later, but we were very glad that they were very generous in VetPark Brandýs n. Labem to take Purple in and do the surgery almost immediately.

8. 11. 2021

Age (in days):


Purple went for a CT scan. She's dealt with it very well and already started yelping at the clinic, and at home she was drinking milk without any issues. It took her a while to get used to the cone so that she doesn't bite her cannula, but then she started running around the box and played with the others. At the CT scan they found out she has ectopic ureter, which means her ureter is going somewhere else than in the bladder. It is not the best, but we are lucky that the ureter connects to the bladder at a wrong point and the surgery to correct this defect is minor, the wall to the bladder just need to be cut in the point of connection of the ureter, instead of the ureter being moved. We'll see how well she'll manage, because she was born with just one kidney, but we hope and believe it will get better. And from slightly sadder news, Kačenka had four seisures during the day and in the evening we had to euthanise her. Her body was developing too quickly and her seisures would most probably just get worse in the future. We are so sorry about this and we'll miss Kačenka deeply. :(

7. 11. 2021

Age (in days):


In the beginning of the diary I mentioned that we'll follow the Puppy Culture programme with the puppies. In the beginning we did ENS. The moment they opened their eyes we started showing them new things and environments, and when we realised they can hear, we were occasionally making a lot of noise to teach them that sudden or very loud noises are fine. Now the puppies are at a stage when we can start teaching them human-dog communication through games and treats.

6. 11. 2021

Age (in days):


Unfortunately, Kačenka stayed at the clinic the whole of Friday and Saturday. But on Sunday we could pick her up again and we were all overjoyed that she returned home in a much better condition. Her momma took care of her immediately, Kačenka nursed a little bit and although she had to be separated from the litter for one more day, she tried as best as she could to walk around her box and looked for a place to sleep or if she could find some food.

5. 11. 2021

Age (in days):


On Saturday we had a visit from a long time Newfoundland dog breeder. We are so greatful that she accepted our invitation, that we could discuss this litter, dogs in general, have lunch together and check out the puppies together. We unfortunately found out that the boy has an underbite, but compared to the other problems, this is minor. Luckily this will not affect his health, it will just mean that we will have to check how he takes in food and we'll have to amend his training a little bit. But otherwise the puppies are quite equal and we hope that they will grow up to be beautiful individuals.

4. 11. 2021

Age (in days):


On Thursday we thought we were home free. Kačenka started trying to get up on her won and did one or two steps before she fell over. But unfortunately, spending every day at the vet with her wasn't the best idea and she caught some bug. She didn't eat on Friday morning, she was lethargic and she didn't even acknowledge when her momma came to nurse them. We went to the vet's immediately where they put her on a drip and hospitalized her. We didn't feel well and some of us expected the worst, but we called the clinic regularly and asked about Kačenka's state, which luckily wasn't so critical in the evening as it was in the morning. She is our tiny fighter. Another good news came early in the evening when they called us with the results of Purple's blood tests. According to the blood test her kidneys work just fine and although some values were a bit out of the norm, it corresponded to a developing puppy. So now we need to wait for the CT scans.

3. 11. 2021

Age (in days):


Right after the physio on Tuesday we managed to get an appointment at an orthopaedic specialist at MonadaVet for Green together with an x-ray. Although it didn't help us understand what is wrong, according to the x-ray and and the vet she has all her bones and in the right place, so if we manage to get her to move better, her bones should grow correctly. She probably has issues with her spinal cord, which is either slightly stretched out or slightly torn, because her reactions in her back legs are delayed. We have to stimulate her legs and continue in physiotherapy and we should see some improvement in two weeks. Then we'll see... Although improvement should be visible fairly soon, we have decided to keep Green for a bit longer than the planned 10 weeks, to help her as much as we can and to lessen the burden of her future owners. Anyone interested in Green can message us, but they have to understand that although we hope for improvement, she is most probably going to be lifelong work with regular physiotherapy and helping her walk better. And because we are going to work a lot with Green now and Green is not exactly the most beautiful name, we started to call her Kačenka.

2. 11. 2021

Age (in days):


We have been dealing with Green's and Purple's infections since the second week and they more or less had antibiotics the whole time, so we went for another check-up. Except for the problems with walking, Green is healthy, so she could stop her antibiotics treatment. Purple still has problems, so we waited for sedimentation of her urine and the vet checked it out under the microscope. It looked like she has kidney cells in her urine, which definitely shouldn't be there. So we drew some blood and did an ultrasound. On the ultrasound it seemed that one of her kidneys is twice the size it should be, the urinary tract was also enlarged and we couldn't find the second kidney. We hope that it is there, that it was just hiding behind the bigger kidney. We should get the results of the blood test on Friday 5.11. and we'll try to get an appointment to get a CT scan done as soon as possible to see how the inside of her body looks like. Purple was amazing, she fell asleep on her back while she had the ultrasound done and didn't even flinch that much when her blood was drawn. She is a brave and calm little girl.

1. 11. 2021

Age (in days):


We were very lucky that the physio therapists at PhysioDog Prague gave us an appointment almost immediately after we wrote to them that Green doesn't walk well. We also took Yellow on this trip in case they want to compare them, but mainly to have some company with Green. We got some exercises we need to do with Green several times a day and then they sent us home again.

30. 10. 2021

Age (in days):


The puppies are 4 weeks old and we just had their names confirmed. The boy will be Azure Admired By All. The girls will get the following names assigned at some point: Azure All Or Nothing, Azure Arctic Sky, Azure Be Mine, Azure Wait For Me, Azure Sun Rising. The only girl that already has an assigned name is Green and that is Azure I'll Catch Up, because we believe that even though she has some problems she will catch up to the others.

27. 10. 2021

Age (in days):


Because Green is smaller, we thought that she would be a bit slower and delayed. She didn't gain weight as well as the others, so we told ourselves that she would just need a little bit more time to catch up with others. Unfortunately it looks like she will have some problems, because she is trying to get up, but her back legs are not cooperating. We immediately called the vet and booked an appointment at the physio. Next week we'll be a bit wiser.

26. 10. 2021

Age (in days):


Our puppies are starting to slowly get up on their feet and walk around the whelping box. It is a great joy to see them explore their surroundings and start to play with each other.

24. 10. 2021

Age (in days):


We went to the vet for another check-up, this time only with three of them, Brown, Green and Purple. The boy, Brown, sounds much better, he'll just complete his round of antibiotics and will be completely fine. The girls will have to continue with their antibiotics, but they are getting much better. All three of them were great on the way there and back, and at the vet's, actually they all slept through on the road. At the vet's they were cuddled, showed us how strong their voices are and then fell asleep again.

23. 10. 2021

Age (in days):


The next visit was on Sunday, it was our grandmother and a friend from the village. Both came to celebrate our grandmother's birthday in the family circle. The puppies had a slightly different socialization, with more individual introductions, and it looked like everyone, both human and dog family members, enjoyed it. It was a nicely spent day with delicious lunch, and even though it probably wouldn't be possible in the near future, we look forward to the next visit of our grandmother.

22. 10. 2021

Age (in days):


We will allow potential puppy buyers from Monday 25.10.2021, but we already had a visit from the grandma of the puppies, the breeder of our Spookie. She brought gifts, advised what to change and improve to have thriving puppies. We enjoyed lunch together, talked about anything and everything. It was a great day and we look forward to meeting up again.

19. 10. 2021

Age (in days):


This is our first litter and perhaps we worry a bit too much. We saw a few things with a few puppies that bothered us, so we took all of them, including momma Spookie, to the vet's. Not all of them needed it, but after last week, Spookie was a little bit more protective of her puppies and it felt easier for us to take all of them rather than leave 2 or 3 at home and hope she wouldn't stress too much that she doesn't have all her puppies with her. Brown breathed in some milk when nursing and it sounded like it was stuck in his nose, so we wanted to make sure it isn't going to cause any problems. The vet heard something in his lungs and she didn't like it much, so she rather gave him antibiotics and we'll keep an eye on his hoarseness. Green had a swolen toe, so we wanted to know how to clean it up. It looked like a broken nail, but we couldn't break it off, so she got a bandage with a balm and we'll keep an eye on it. Yellow often cries a lot after feeding, so we wanted to find out if it isn't stomach issues. It seems that luckily not, just trapped air, so we got a suggestion for some drops and we'll burp her after every meal. And last Purple felt constantly wet, we just didn't know if it is because she pees and then doesn't move away or some other reason. From her pee it looks like bladder infection but not so serious, so in the mean time she got some antibiotics and we'll keep an eye on it. All these puppies will go for another check-up in a week and we're hoping all of it will be fixed by then. We also almost asked the vet for help with Turquoise, because until today she had her eyes shut. She opened her eyes this morning, so we luckily didn't have to deal with it.

16. 10. 2021

Age (in days):


The puppies are 2 weeks old and some of them are starting to open their eyes. The first one we saw slowly open his eyes was the boy, Brown. It is a slow process, some have their eyes open a little bit more, some have just a small slit. We look forward for them to start seeing the world around them and start exploring it with other sences.

13. 10. 2021

Age (in days):


Unfortunately, Pink gave up on life in the night of 14.10.2021 and stopped sucking on her own. We tube fed her for a few more hours and more or less forced her to drink something. Then in the morning we went to the vet, where we unfortunately had to make the tough decision and put Pink to sleep. The moment she stopped eating on her own it was about keeping her alive, but the chance that it would turn for the better was almost zero. It hurt us a lot, not only because we haven't slept in the past few days and took shifts with her 24h, but mainly because she got close to our hearts, like all of the puppies. Pinks, you'll be missed, but we hope you have crossed the rainbow bridge already and nothing hurts you anymore. :(

11. 10. 2021

Age (in days):


There are never enough problems. Pink had a swolen thumb, so we went to the vet to get it cleaned and to find out how to help her prevent it from happening again. A few hours after the visit we went o help Spookie feed the babies and Pink was a ragdoll. She didn't react when we were manipulating her and she was barely breathing. We went to the vet immediately and hoped she would survive the road. There theyput her on oxygen and managed to feed her at least 40ml of puppy milk. After a few hours she got home and we set up shifts so that we can feed her every hour and kept her warm while she's not allowed to be with her momma and the other puppies. Spookie in this sense is a very good mom, she didn't push Pink away even though we kept her apart, and always came to check up on her and clean her when necessary.

9. 10. 2021

Age (in days):


The next day morning Spookie felt much better, she was rested and ready to take care of her babies again. I have a feeling that she understands that we can take care of her puppies, so we have to sometimes make her go feed her pups. But on the other hand it feels like she wants to spend more time with them, it's not get in, feed for 30 mins and leave, but I noticed that she stays with them, even after all puppies are fed. In the afternoon hours we went to the vet again, and for good measure they did an ultrasound and x-ray on her. Both were clear, without any findings and we were releaved that she isn't hiding any more puppies (13 were more than enough, thank you very much). Spookie was also more lively and she was greeting everyone, to a point that at the vet they commented how much better she is. Spookie got another set of injections, prescription for antibiotics and we went home again. We're not 100% sure what actually happened and why Spookie wasn't feeling well, but I suspect that it was a combination of two things: slight cold and overcaring. I think that Spookie got a slight cold, because right after she whelped, it started freezing during the night and if Spookie wasn't feeding, she was sleeping outside. Her stomach is shaved out and she's actually not used to sleeping outside, because all our dogs are usually in the halls sleeping. We took it as commonplace that Spookie would rather be outside where it is cooler than with the puppies where we tried to keep comfortable temperature for the puppies that we didn't even think that she's not used to it and it can cause a problem. The second suspected reason is overcaring in terms of nutrition. A lot of people (breeders and vets alike) warned us about eclampsia and how dangerous it can be for the momma. It was recommended to us to add Calcium into her food. We did that and we also gave her raw goat milk (Spookie is being fed raw meat) and puppy milk Brit Care. I don't have it confirmed, but I believe that the combination of these three things gave Spookie too much Calcium and her system just shut down so that we stop it. Eclampsia is still something we are afraid of, but we stopped adding Calcium into Spookie's food and lowered the amount of milk she gets. We still have to keep a close eye on her, but Spookie is eating normally again and she has enough milk for her puppies.

8. 10. 2021

Age (in days):


Apparently we were too content and hoped that there would be no problems, so Spookie decided to stop eating and threw up all food she did eat. Because it was Saturday, our usual vet offices were closed, we had to find an emergency vet clinic and took Spookie there. Spookie was completely apathetic, she wasn't interested in anything and just dropped wherever we showed her. The prospects didn't look good at the vet's, Spookie got a few injections with medication for vomiting, fever and antibiotics, and we went home with the promise to come back the next day for another checkup. Almost immediately after the injections Spookie had a little more energy, though she still wasn't completely fine. At home we washed her off, so that she doesn't bring any illnesses to the puppies from the city and vet's, and the poor thing was so exhausted that she was falling asleep standing when I was drying her off. We bottle fed the puppies in the mean time every two hours, and even though the vet said that Spookie can feed her babies normally, we let her sleep so that she gains as much energy back, and we kept bottle feeding the pups during the night.

7. 10. 2021

Age (in days):


We'll work with the puppies following the Puppy Culture programme, which focuses on raising and training of puppies in their first 12 weeks of life. As the start it suggests, among other things, to do so called Early Neurological Stimulation, ENS, which is a series of 5 exercises (each done for 3-5 seconds) done with the puppies in order to make the nervous system work in a style it would not in normal manipulation or when puppies are pushing themselves around the whelping box. According to research, puppies who had these exercises done with them had stronger hearts, had a higher stress threshold and are in general healthier. It is important that these exercises are done only with puppies who are healthy, thriving and most importantly are not stressed, because these exercises are causing small stress to the puppies. Therefore we are planning to do these exercises with the stronger puppies and will leave out the two smaller ones who have issues gaining weight properly. Instead we will do so called Simulated Maternal Stimulation, SMS, with them, where puppies are handled and stroked in a similar manner as if their mother was licking them. It does not fully replace ENS, but the puppies do get the care and it is proven that it is enough. You can read more about ENS here: and about SMS here: (article about rats, but it does apply to dogs too)

5. 10. 2021

Age (in days):


On the advice of our veterinarian, we weigh our babies twice a day, and all puppies, except for two, are gaining weight nicely and growing well. The puppies that have trouble gaining weight are Green, who was born the smallest, and Pink, who was one of the bigger ones at birth but lost a lot of weight after birth and has troubles gaining it back. We are keeping a close eye on both of them, making sure they get to momma when feeding and that the others are not pushing them away, and we bottle feed them extra after and between feeding from momma.

4. 10. 2021

Age (in days):


We gave momma Spookie a few hours relax time after whelping and then went to the vet in the afternoon, to check momma's womb with ultrasound, and the little ones for cleft jaws, dew claws and in general health and status. All puppies appeared healthy and without any problems. We found during the check-up that one girl had a congenital defect. We saw at home already that she was born without a tail, but at the vet's we found out that mother nature wasn't kind to her and on top of a missing tail she put her rectum and urinary trackt next to each other, with a high probability that the wall between them was torn. In best case scenario, the girl would have had urinary tract infections her whole life, and we don't even want to imagine the worst case scenario... Because she wouldn't have had the easiest life and would have probably suffered most of her life, we decided to let the girl go. So we were returning home with 8 healthy puppies, 1 boy and 7 girls.

3. 10. 2021

Age (in days):


Puppies were born! The first one came at 2:30pm and last live born one at 11:58pm, the completely last one was born on 4.10. at 8:30am. There were 13 puppies in total, but unfortunately last 4 were stillborn. The largest puppy was 650g, smallest 395g. The whelping was absolutely normal, in normal intervals, so we opted not to go to the vet when the stillborns were born. We tried to revive all of them, but unfortunately it was too late. In the mean time, the rest of the puppies started sucking milk from momma and looked content.

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