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A little bit about us

We had dogs for as long as I remember, but they were always Jack Russell Terriers. To this day we have two Jack Russells, a male Tiggy and a female Dolly.


About us


We got to the Newfoundland dogs after a long search and research for the right breed. We wanted a different and larger breed than the Jack Russell Terriers. We've been thinking for a long time about giant breeds, especially Great Danes or Irish Wolfhounds, but after a little research we found out that the Newfoundlands will fit us better.

And so in March 2019 we wrote to a couple of breeders who just had puppies, and on April 29, 2019 we took home a black female with a white bib and white paws Darling Bear of the Monk from Irena Nováková. However, Darling soon became our spooky ghost Spookie, because she always moved very quietly, one moment she was with us and the next she was elsewhere.

It didn't take long after Spookie, and we were already thinking about another newfie, this time brown. The search this time was a bit longer than with Spookie, but we found one and on October 5, 2019 we went to Germany for the chocolate brown female Trinity's Ingelosi Encane, our little angel with a naughty disposition.


We were fully captivated by life with the newfies, we try to participate in exhibitions in the Czech Republic, water rescue training organised by KNFP, and other activities and events. We often go to a trainer with both girls and we train not only basic obedience but also dog dancing.

We can no longer even imagine life without newfies, so we decided to establish a kennel. On April 24, 2020, the name Under the Southern Cross was confirmed to us. We have chosen this name because our family comes from one of the countries below the constellation of the Southern Cross, South Africa.


This is our story, our beginnings with Newfoundland dogs. However, if you have any questions about us, our girls or future litters, do not hesitate to contact us via email or via the contact form here on the website.


Nataša van Wyk

+420 737 003 052

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